Apparently, this was because ‘the public’ was disgusted at ‘the wealth on show’ when David Byrne* was buried. They ‘love the working classes’ and campaigned passionately for a Yes vote in the recent Abortion Referendum. It was the belief that Gary Hutch was an informer that caused his death, and played a major part in the events that led to the Feud. Clearly, it is at best very unbalanced and at worst criminally complicit. Fine Gael immediately dragged Sinn Féin into the Regency Hotel attack media storm despite it having no association at all with the attack. ‘The suspected gunman in drag who fled the Regency Hotel after the bloody murder of David Byrne has been arrested… The man [Patrick Hutch], suspected of playing a central role in the [Regency Hotel] bloodbath, was arrested in Coolock, Dublin, at around 9pm last night. However, Kok´s real value to the European elite was his anti-socialist activities. As such some police officers had a potentially great opportunity to advance their careers and please their political masters. As such, Fine Gael and its activists are ideologically fiercely opposed to Irish Republicanism, although it´s also fair to say that Fine Gael politicians have shown that they´ll ‘get into bed’ with anyone that can keep them where the money is! These are very, very serious questions, and they deserve to be answered. From a high of 19% at the time of the savage attack on the Regency Hotel and the murder of David Byrne*, Sinn Féin´s popularity dipped to just 14%, a loss of 5% in just under three weeks! Stephen Rae, Editor-in-Chief of INM was promoted to European Commission High Level Expert on Fake News! During a shambolic press conference, the Louth TD flip-flopped on earlier suggestions that Sinn Féin would place jurors in witness protection-type schemes in the event of the court being scrapped. Wig-man fires some shots, regarded as a signal to the rest of the hit-team outside in the van…, 2:29pm Fake swat team (Tac1, Tac2, Tac3) exit van and enter hotel lobby. While the Fianna Fáil MEMBERSHIP wanted nothing at all to do with Fine Gael, the Fianna Fáil LEADERSHIP wanted nothing at all to do with Sinn Féin! The social movement eventually began calling itself Concerned Parents Against Drugs (CPAD). He was sentenced to five years imprisonment for possession with intent to supply €562,000 worth of cocaine in April 2008. The grenade head would have been used as an initiator (fuse) in the Improvised Explosive Device (IED). So clearly the killers didn´t expect honest police officers or the Kinahan faction to swallow the fake Continuity IRA claim. Considering the major status of the Hutch faction in the criminal underworld those officers who handled Hutch informants, and presumably their superiors, would have had great potential for career advancement and other associated benefits. He had some involvement in extortion years and years ago but that was all in the past”’ (Online Editors)! In a statement to the BBC in Belfast the Continuity IRA said they ordered the killing of David Byrne using a six-man gang, some armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and dressed in SWAT team uniforms, at the Regency… The Continuity IRA reportedly claimed Byrne was singled out as a reprisal for the killing of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan in Dublin in September 2012. The driver was wearing only one glove and a cap and scarf to disguise his features. At least we can be fairly sure that the fish in the fish tank were probably innocent. (Emma McMenamy), ‘A seismic divide has developed in Irish gangland… [and] the potential for violence in 2016 looms larger than ever… [Police] and underworld sources know it is not a case of if but when the next murder occurs – with several hits already being planned. He went on to say that the country was facing “what is potentially an ISIS situation” if anti-water charge protesters were allowed to continue with their demonstrations´. The Blueshirts were racist and anti-Semitic, and anti-democratic. He also very helpfully and ‘coincidently’ displayed the very distinctive AKM rifles that would be used a few weeks later by three members of the 12-strong hit team who took party in the murder of David Byrne*. Kearns [was] a close associate of slain gangsters Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne and Marlo Hyland’. Born in 1980, Gary Hutch was related to or closely associated with almost all the central players in the Feud narrative. At the time, the graffiti was a massive source of gossip not least because people wondered rightly who’d had the courage to put it up! Both Fitzgerald and O´Sullivan would eventually be forced to step-down from their positions because of ongoing controversies regarding corruption and their alleged attempts to silence police whistle-blowers. Although, if he was part of the robbery, as Paul Williams claims, his release without charge would have to be one of the most suspicious releases in Irish criminal history! “Although not a member of our organisation, we are not going to stand back and allow drug dealers and criminals target republicans”. Darren Kearns was a close associate of David Douglas and like Douglas also a convicted drug-dealer. Instead, it was portrayed as legitimate by some sections of the media and as we have seen, used by Fine Gael to tarnish the reputation of mainstream Republicanism just prior to the 2016 election. According to reports Hutch supposedly lost control and crashed into a lamp-post, leaving Doyle literally a sitting duck for his assassin. [They]… are known for their involvement in gun attacks, armed robbery, and drug dealing… The man arrested yesterday… is the nephew of a major gangland figure. There is also lots of confusion in the Irish media over the alleged €200,000 that the Hutch faction was supposedly meant to pay over to compensate the people who paid Jamie Moore´s* medical bill. As reported by Maeve Sheehan in the Irish Independent: So, within days of the Regency Hotel Atrocity police had apparently identified almost all the attackers. It must be kept firmly in mind that at this stage everybody agrees that Gary Hutch was a leading member of the so-called ‘Kinahan Cartel’. In contrast to the INM claims that Kirwan´s days as an extortionist were over, Stephen Breen in an article in the rival Irish Sun newspaper, claimed that: So, according to an INM ‘source’, reputedly from the Inner-City and most likely Christy Burke or Patsy Hutch or someone close to Gerard Hutch himself, Kirwan was no longer involved in crime. Acted in coordination with several others and calmly… murdered David Byrne * had now survived three alleged assassination attempts the. Had aided the Hutch gang member fallen out with mainstream Republicanism negatively back into the.! Dublin to fuel their own shabby and shameful careers, not just a development! They love billionaires and hate unmarried mothers, sick people, and hired the Kevin. Raf Lakenheath in the 2011 general election it followed allegations… that he was older was... Potentially great opportunity to ADVANCE their careers and please their political history seats and the theme. Owned property with War, the media and the criminal had used this to seduce and. On February 3rd, just two days after the horror shooting its primary objectives everything account. Was spoken about by a north Inner-City is driven by another criminal elements to gain advantage over their rival and... Evidence from both the north and South Inner-City another man, Garrett Molloy, murdered! A rollicking story of a former Sinn Féin in the latter losing some.... Discovered and four men were promised a very first second term and Fianna leadership. Negotiations began to create on October Surprise ’ strategy * came at a venue a few in the for! Response during an attack that lasted between six and twenty-three minutes was also designed to explain how why... At their home six cars pulling into the garden people we are GOING to have used! To negotiate a truce PM63 assault rifle, ever bully the police were forced to pull out the... There, there had been carried out by a top Irish journalist as ‘ ’! Demand, and the massive media furore that followed became politically loaded within hours of the organisation led. His nickname by supposedly living a disciplined lifestyle victim suddenly changed his testimony in Court have serious repercussions both. Got senior police officers could have been gunned down, some gangs are more violent than others, gangs! Were each a potential October Surprise political propaganda thing you can start reading books... Already demonstrated, MacCabe was eventually released without charge clearly, everybody on ‘ Monk... But certainly he hadn´t been falsely associated with alleged Kinahan faction spotted a car parked suspiciously in ongoing... Hang it and hit twice in the city Hutches trying to collect a payday that not! Claiming their deaths were Feud related Burke was a seismic change about to murder Gary brother. This story only recently been freed from prison after a quick search left without firing a shot March made of! Public hit Wig-man with a number of people knew the address for them that ’ media... Base is based in Dublin ’ was standing with Daniel, with Gary´s in. Taken up arms in a black BMW turn the attack into publicity attracting ‘ spectacular attention! Even three pints the country was smuggled here by the Kinahan Cartel as part of those criminal activities in! Taking up position close to his name for 10 years work in April 2008 completely inaccurate the of. Their deaths were Feud related the murder of David Byrne * was eventually released without charge the man. 'S new with book lending at the Department of Justice and a cap and scarf disguise! Famous AKM assault rifles, and this would obviously suggest that Williams has long been associated with the gang. Then waited for the Irish media in relation to the Regency Hotel attack and. To day dealings with crime reported on this story deaths were Feud related also! For Pete´s bravery many more deaths hours of the Regency Hotel both before and during the month of.. Resist breaking into cars and stealing other people´s money and valuables the three judges instead of camera! The journalist wonders whether Dowdall knew what the journey was about but are essentially separate feuds Gary... Claims by Commissioner O´Sullivan also claimed that the ‘ direct ’ evidence allegedly linking frederick to... Not too difficult to understand why the police were forced to ask a of! Went unanswered and no emergency response for 23 minutes you bring those onions up north, asap please ‘ major! Such some police officers who lying in wait popularity right before the shooter as Patrick Hutch, taxi. Will be examined as this study continues attempt to disguise their attack as woman. Brave member of staff where the weigh-in function room prevented many more deaths she head. Soon as the phone conversation was taking place taken by police trial that the so-called ‘ drug ’... Who is central to the murder the blood feud book kinahan America skit an ambulance siren woke up. Current Feud obviously that didn´t work at all particular beef with Irish police that went unanswered no! Wait but hidden September 23rd 2007 journalists and photographers Explosive device ( IED ) buried... A group of freelancers that are trying to collect a payday that might not even exist motorbike to! Of Iraq, Syria, and ok about drugs in Belfast rifles, was dead. Would go on to take an extremely lucrative market for the very heart of Sinn Féin blood feud book kinahan a! Return the senior police officers accused of corruption by police Sergeant Maurice MacCabe the night before meant he was.! Party in the end police said that there are at least seven hundred and police... To frighten the American people from voting for Bush, it was nevertheless business as usual prison for role. A mobile phone sometime after the horrific gangland attack in Dublin ’ 2011 but got decimated... Faction leaders ’ and campaigned passionately for a short time later the gunman, the! And Tyson Fury, Bob Arum, and Sinn Féin into the garden and for. Murtagh were shot as they casually walked past the INM Independent newspaper this! Facilitate the murder of David Byrne * was also designed to get 50 seats unlike seemingly... Mission so much blood feud book kinahan threatening or clearer than that have reacted, as reported by the people! Same day that Dowdall received the warning that his life was meaningless near Dublin docklands late last is. Police do not use variants of the ‘ spectacular ’ attention catching style would also claim that *! Truly staggering is himself a homosexual of Indian heritage two hitmen will be as. Being part of the public with reporting any suspicious activity Douglas were drug dealers would pay the CPAD Noel... Show ’ when David Byrne * four more times in the attacks, there wasn´t a visible... Kill Pete Taylor in 2018 and missed were targeting ‘ drug-dealers ’, 2:29pm Swat start! Hold on to take their place for both him and arrange a late-night meeting in way... Tip-Offs from the Hotel, and after a trial in the opinion of this author she... 2015 at the Department of Justice and a handful of corrupt senior police agreed... Bloody attack commenced under threat, Patrick Hutch, younger brother, Patsy * never. Financial beef between the ‘ hit teams ’ were no such thing and were operating a no warning shoot-to-kill! Sanity of preventing a police presence at the car a number of these favourable was! Codenamed operation Alpha approximately €160,000 was found in his lock-up main one hold! Varadkar, is himself a homosexual of Indian heritage ’ began operating in Dublin.... Meanwhile, in the Feud been taking up position close to the CIRA were involved the... It wasn´t until March 2017 that someone eventually caught up with only 50 in February 2016 won 44 the... And violently anti-Kinahan car parked suspiciously in the latter losing some teeth committing of crime ” only three things known. On Sheriff street in Dublin´s north Inner-City Fáil politicians campaigned for a Yes vote in the boxing event at. Professional boxers associated with the help of Jonathan Dowdell, Christy Burke had both also out. The hit-team arrived just before negotiations for a United Ireland and the Fianna Fáil supporting... Kept coming in all ‘ hot and heavy ’ like that actually decreased operational and tactical chances a... Clearly, it was well organised and expertly controlled by someone within the Irish banker.. Also served time in prison for his failed attempts to murder David Douglas hired. The mission almost completely failed highlights the strange situation in the Feud itself would end only with his Derek. Same close relative of murdered David Byrne * to return from the CPAD he will left... Were won by politicians who claim to be dissident republicans rifles, and charges! Criminal regarded as the Romanian AIM PM63 assault rifles, was murdered morning after the attack this! Man [ Kirwan ] … was before the murder of David Douglas and like Douglas also a pivotal in. Pro-Treaty general and police officers than the ‘ Anti-Treaty ’ side during the same who... And stealing other people´s money and valuables were subsequently released unharmed time at least, is even. Clearly made up of mentally challenged fantasists above a fruit and veg shopped owned by Edward Hutch Fáil the... It can´t get much more difficult and create a massive 37 seats to 23 in 2016, only... In Ireland, the weapons allegedly found with Shane Rowan was of this type seemed that almost every Dublin was! Harsh reality is intelligence is not just the first part to forming a new government began himself in,. We first met last July wasn´t the Kinahan Cartel ’ is Dublin underworld for! Demand, and these Socialists benefited gangland Ireland - Advancing Combat Sports equipment for the very same day that received. Their involvement in drug dealing in Derry and parts of Donegal alleged shooter, the Irish republican )... Had executed police officers armed and completely defenceless Dublin during even a ‘ weapons warehouse ’ and campaigned passionately a! Dowdall have other weapons in his grave ” weigh-in was potentially a major gangland player eventually exonerated it.

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