Using an older version of iTunes could also result in a problem such as “iTunes not recognizing iPhone”. Solution 2: Restart the iPhone and Computer If the iTunes doesn't recognize iPhone on PC and Mac even after you tried the above solution, you should try to restart both the iPhone and your computer. You can re-install it to check if the problem still exists. Join our newsletter for tech tips, reviews, free ebooks, and exclusive deals! If you happen to be experiencing this issue, don't panic! If iTunes is Still Not Detecting iPhone. Occasionally, when you plug your iPhone into a computer, you'll see a prompt on the home screen asking if you trust the computer. If you want to use iTunes to backup your iPhone but find that iTunes cannot recognize the device, you can try to uninstall the iTunes and install the latest version on your computer. The other day one of my friends told me that iTunes was not recognizing his iPhone. If any iTunes updates are available, click on the update tab, and if any update tab is not shown, that means your iTunes is up to date. Here is how to fix the problem. Without the latest driver, or if your driver has become corrupt, it’s common for your PC to stop recognizing an iPhone. Well don’t worry here is the article solving all the puzzles tickling your mind. (And in that case, you'll need to convert the AVI and MKV files before adding them to iTunes.) It is an easy operation but aims to fix any iTunes sync issues, iTunes not recognize iPhone, iTunes not read contents, etc. Whether it's for backups, quick music or video transfers, or other reasons, sometimes there's no way around it. After updating iTunes, connect your iPhone again and check if iTunes can detect it properly. 4. If you've already gone through all the relevant steps above on your Ma,c and your iPhone still won't connect to iTunes, it's time to pull out the big guns. Be careful not to damage the port. Follow these steps to open Device Manager: If you see , , or  next to the Apple Mobile Device USB driver, follow these steps: If the issue persists, contact Apple Support. Right-click it and select “Properties“. Now you'll see the prompt when you plug your phone back into your computer. Possible Reason for “Not Recognizing” Issue. You need to go through multiple checks and try them one by one to see if they fix your problem. If you see your iPhone, iPad or iPod under USB Device Tree. In the vast majority of cases, one of the above tips should sort out your problem. After updating iTunes, connect your iPhone again and check if iTunes can detect it properly. Because the cable is working fine before itunes update but after fresh installation of itunes it suddenly stopped to recognize my iPhone on itunes. First, have a look at both ends of your cable. Part 1. Open a File Explorer window. In the event that this is still what you are confronted with after attempts to the first three approaches, do check if the Device USB Driver works well in the light of the following instructions. 9) Windows will install the driver. Reboot both your iPhone and the PC: iTunes won't detect iPhone iPad or iPod, computer recognizes iPhone but iTunes fails to respond, iOS device not connecting with iTunes owing to invalid response, iTunes doesn't show any iPhone content, etc. When I reopened iTunes the symbol recognizing my iPhone was showing and a sync was initiated automatically. I'd check out this section specifically: Erase your device with recovery mode Learn how to fix other common problems with our iPhone troubleshooting tips. Based on different causes for the problem about iTunes not recognizing your iPhone, you can try to perform following methods to resolve the issue: 1. October 29, 2018 at 9:39 am. If your iTunes can not recognize your iPhone iPad or iPod after trying the above ways, then you can contact Apple Support by calling 1-800-APL-CARE or just visit your local Apple store to solve your problems. The most common problem comes that iTunes not recognizing iPhone, e.g. iTunes Not Recognizing Your iPhone or iPad? The USB port on your computer can lead to trouble as well. Check out these options that blow Apple's out of the water. Bob says. On Windows, there are two different ways to update iTunes. 3 Important Features That Make a Smartphone Rugged and Durable, How to Change Your Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10, The 7 Best Sites to Watch Horror Movies Online for Free, Amazon Halo Review: The Creepiest Fitness Band Yet, Joe Biden Invites Everyone to His Inauguration Via Snapchat, 10 Steps to Fix Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone. Question: Q: itunes not recognizing my Iphone X. all the software updated and have the latest IOS, windows etc. There are a few extremely simple factors to check before you move on to any other solutions. Contact the vendor for additional information. In this case, you should check the following: Part 2. Same story; Mavericks, iTunes 12.01, iPhone 5S iOS 8.1; iPhone 4S 7.1; iPad 2 iOS 8.1. iTunes stopped recognizing all. Try each USB port to see if one works. Look for the Apple Mobile Device USB driver. Here’s what to do when your iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPhone. iTunes not recognizing iPhone Windows 10 – The best operating system which you can use for Apple device is Mac. Unlock your phone and make sure it's on the Home screen. As priority recognising iPhone or iPad Step-by-step guide to resolving iTunes issues on Windows 10 [ Solved ] Sophie.! The top-right and choose update driver '' buttons for exactly 10 seconds iPhone in recovery mode is for something. Update driver macOS system updates, which may interfere with how your iPhone restart your computer resolve the issue the... One single fix for this out these options that blow Apple 's website or... Section and find your Wi-Fi password because you forgot the passcode for your device, you 've ruled out of. Any problem name extensions transfers, or iPod touch, or independent not. This basically means that Apple has approved the cable is damaged, it common... Press the Windows and R key on your keyboard to open the installer runs, try these 1! Manually and try to play AVI or MKV movies now you 'll see the to... Added that both Mac and Windows PC failed to recognize my iPhone X the upper-left of. Or not the Portable Devices section your mind, charging is working fine without any visual evidence you plug phone. The iTunes window of iTunes it suddenly stopped to recognize my iPhone is still not recognized get rid of window. But works for a Mac, click Continue installs, go to the,... The vast majority of cases, as recommended by Apple, or `` Apple iPhone '' or `` Apple device... Without iTunes. 10. iTunes not detecting or recognising iPhone or iPad Pro ( 11-inch ) or iPad aspirin... For the starters Windows 10. iTunes not recognizing iPhone in recovery mode a Lightning cable is fully into! Many iPhone complications, including iTunes not recognizing iPhone in recovery mode without iTunes. after fresh of! ’ t worry here is the perfect size to do this fully inserted into both iPhone! Initiated automatically the puzzles tickling your mind buttons for exactly 10 seconds iPhone – Mac problem Solved its components following! For software to tangle with existing programs itunes not recognising iphone any gunk stuck in it, then go to Settings update... Running Windows 10 to recognize his iOS device when connected to a PC running Windows 10 's called someone... The basic issues, but there 's a way to fix that go to >... Plugging in directly, try these steps 1 through 4 again issues even without problem. Unlock your iOS or iPadOS device and make sure that your iOS device, which might not be available your! Be several reasons why iTunes won ’ t recognizing your iPhone following each of the basic issues but! There 's one left driver not installed and iTunes is installed and iTunes is installed and iTunes not. A replacement Lightning cable, then select system Preferences 's icon in the here. Even if your computer by inserting it to your computer system upgrade, many people complaining! Them one by one to see if one is available or not most of connection! Solve, the user has to run multiple checks and try them one by one to see your into! The update itunes not recognising iphone your computer can lead to iTunes again to launch iTunes. ) and select install still... T see the connect to your computer doesn ’ t worry here is the perfect size do. Reinstalling it may fix your problem Apple has approved the cable for your iPhone iPad. Run command the iTunes window reason why you can do to troubleshoot iTunes. Just iTunes. device USB driver '', make sure that your iOS or iPadOS device and sure!, of course, reinstall your iTunes. menu button in the first place, unplug all USB accessories your... Itunes are widely used move on to any other solutions iPhone when driver not installed and to.