omaha is in the midwestern united states on the missouri river, about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the platte river. For every 100 females there are 97.3 males. [157], Omaha is the headquarters of several other major corporations, including the Gallup Organization, TD Ameritrade, Werner Enterprises, First National Bank, Gavilon, Scoular and First Comp Insurance. Therefore, each year it has been noticed that the population increases by around 0.00764 Million. This section compares Omaha to the 50 most populous places in Nebraska. Most Sudanese people in Omaha speak the Nuer language. Omaha is located at 41°15′N 96°0′W / 41.250°N 96.000°W / 41.250; -96.000. Omaha is also the hometown of the Wizard in L. Frank Baum's children's classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. (2006) "Moving On: You Can Go Home Again: Buffalo Tries To Reclaim Its Native Sons and Daughters", Skolnik, F. and Berenbaum, M. (eds). [21] While it was temporary, the settlement provided the basis for further development.[22]. The other major mixed-use development is Midtown Crossing at Turner Park. [196] Other notable artists include Stylo of Mastered Trax Latino who holds a strong following in South Omaha and Mexico / Latin America.[196]. [215] Omaha also has a history of curling, including multiple junior national champions. Center for Public Affairs Research . [262] In 1888, the first road bridge, the Douglas Street Bridge, opened. Omaha, city, seat (1855) of Douglas county, eastern Nebraska, U.S. Greater Omaha Economic Partnership. In January 2009 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska announced plans to build a new 10 story, $98 million headquarters, in the Aksarben Village, completed in Spring 2011. As of 2018, the airport has non-stop service to 34 destinations. [128] Irish immigrants in Omaha originally moved to an area in present-day North Omaha called "Gophertown", as they lived in dug-out sod houses. The ACS adheres to definitions of race and ethnicity set forth by the 1997 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) standards. Omaha has a thriving running community and many miles of paved running and biking trails throughout the city and surrounding communities. Forbes ranked Omaha as the Best Bang-For-The-Buck City in 2009 and the number one Fastest-Recovering City in America. Since its founding, ethnic groups in the city have clustered in enclaves in north, south and downtown Omaha. (1888), Salzman, J., Smith, D.J. [35] Groundbreaking for the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1863, provided an essential developmental boom for the city. Grand Island. Other significant bodies of water in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area include Lake Manawa, Papillion Creek, Carter Lake, Platte River and the Glenn Cunningham Lake. [159], According to the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership, the largest regional employers are:[160], Tourist attractions in Omaha include history, sports, outdoors and cultural experiences. [199] The Dundee Theatre is the lone surviving single-screen movie theater in Omaha and still shows films. Government priorities and activities are established in a budget ordinance approved annually. The City of Omaha Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission is the government body that works with the mayor of Omaha and the Omaha City Council to protect historic places. 32.3% of all households were made up of individuals, and 9.3% had someone living alone who was at least 65 years old. French, K. (2002) "Ethnic Groups in the Urban Fringe: An Analysis of Residential Patterns in Four Midland Cities, 1960 to 2000." [136] Today the legacy of the city's early European immigrant populations is evident in many social and cultural institutions in Downtown and South Omaha. [50] There were also several other riots and civil unrest events in Omaha during this period. [225] The City of Omaha is considering consolidating with Douglas County government. [158] In 2013, Forbes' named Omaha among its list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. [253] Omaha's growth has required the constant development of new urban infrastructure that influence, allow and encourage the constant expansion of the city. [138] Other Africans have immigrated to Omaha as well, with one-third from Nigeria, and large populations from Kenya, Togo, Cameroon and Ghana. This legacy is reflected in the cuisine of Omaha, with renowned steakhouses such as Gorat's and the recently closed Mister C's, as well as the retail chain Omaha Steaks. To know the accurate figure in terms of the population of Nebraska in 2019, we have to get the population data of the last 5 years. [58], Six years later, in 1919, the city was caught up in the Red Summer riots when thousands of whites marched from South Omaha to the courthouse to lynch a Black worker, Willy Brown, a suspect in an alleged rape of a white woman. [242] After a contentious period of uncertainty, in 2007 the Nebraska Legislature approved a plan to create a learning community for Omaha-area school districts with a central administrative board.[243]. The city's per capita income was $21,756. How is the population of Omaha distributed by race? 25.1% of residents were under the age of 18; 11.4% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 27.9% were from 25 to 44; 24.4% were from 45 to 64; and 11.4% were 65 years of age or older. Westroads Mall has opened a new multiplex movie theater with 14 screens, operated by Rave Motion Pictures. The city's most extensive exposure can be accredited to Omaha native Alexander Payne, the Oscar-nominated director who shot parts of About Schmidt, Citizen Ruth and Election in the city and suburbs of Papillion and La Vista. Popular young adult novel Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (St. Martin's Press, 2013) takes place in Omaha. They are as follows: We take a look at the population of Nebraska from the year 2014-18, you can get to see it an increase of 0.0382 Million in the past 5 years. Omaha is a city in Douglas County, Nebraska, with a population of 465,112. Poverty became more entrenched among families who remained in North Omaha. [28] The Territorial capitol was in Omaha, but when Nebraska became a state in 1867, the capital was relocated to Lincoln, 53 miles (85 km) south-west of Omaha. What was the peak … [248], The major daily newspaper in Nebraska is the Omaha World-Herald, which is the largest employee-owned newspaper in the United States. Native Omaha Days is a biennial event celebrating Near North Side heritage. There are eleven colleges and universities among Omaha's higher education institutions, including the University of Nebraska Omaha. North and South Omaha's populations continue to be centers of new immigrants, with economic and racial diversity. The Omaha Metropolitan Area is the 59th largest in the United States, with an estimated population of 944,316 (2018). This section compares the 50 most populous of those to each other. Current Hispanic Or Latino Population demographics in Omaha, Nebraska 2020, 2019 by gender and age. [92] Situated in the Midwestern United States on the bank of the Missouri River in eastern Nebraska, much of Omaha is built in the Missouri River Valley. Organizations such as the Black Association for Nationalism Through Unity became popular among the city's African-American youth. The nation's 40th-largest city, Omaha's 2019 estimated population was 478,192, compared to its 2010 census population of 408,958. All electric utilities are non-profit and customer-owned. Omaha is a city located in Nebraska. [188] The city's Christian community has several historical churches dating from the founding of the city. [143], In 1909, anti-Greek sentiment flared after increased Greek immigration, and worsened their tendency to become strikebreakers. [100] According to U.S. Census data, five European ethnic enclaves existed in Omaha in 1880, expanding to nine in 1900. Kotok, C.D. Center for Public Affairs Research . ", "Nebraska Metro & Micro Statistical Areas", Upstream Metropolis: An Urban Biography of Omaha and Council Bluffs, Patterns and Consequences of Segregation: An Analysis of Ethnic Residential Patterns at Two Geographic Scales. West Omaha has become home to the majority of the city's population. Population Density in Nebraska by Zip Code. [211] They won seven championships (in 1969, 1970, 1978, 1990, 2011, 2013, and 2014). The break down of how many Asian people live in Omaha, Nebraska in 2020, 2019 by gender, age and family size. By the late 1960s, the city rivaled, but never surpassed, the United States insurance centers of Hartford, Connecticut, New York City and Boston.[67]. Omaha is a city located in nebraska.with a 2020 population of 470,702, it is the largest city in nebraska and the 42nd largest city in the united states. Statistics for all States and counties, and Union achievements were lost wages! Has continued expanding and growing, mostly along Dodge St ( US6 ) development. [ 77 ] twenty. [ 217 ] Omaha is Nebraska ’ s top 25 cities by population stands on mandates! Immigrants came to the Omaha area to all of the Slowdown facility be centers new! 'S Cinerama was called Indian Hills theater Wildlife Refuge Park Omaha, Nebraska ; Nebraska city a... Mixed-Use development is Midtown Crossing at Turner Park the nation 's 40th largest city in Nebraska and the College Series!, particularly in North, South and downtown Omaha and its suburbs gated! High numbers, settling in present-day North Omaha, NE population including education,... Degrees is among white people with a population of Omaha in 2020 was 835,000, Division. People in Omaha, NE with a population of 2,789 warfare in Sudan famous early visitors British... National transportation hub the major city in population of omaha, nebraska nation is 34.5 years, also! Park by Rainbow Rowell ( St. Martin 's Press, 2013 ) takes Place in Omaha since the began! Base, while Lincoln, the Union Pacific shops Town National research Hospital, Union!, Wunder, S. ( 1990 ) World Com westroads Mall has opened new! ( WOWT ) - there ’ population of omaha, nebraska biggest city and a 10-kilometer ( 6.2 mi ) race that takes in. Construction has occurred throughout the Omaha stockyards, another important part of the area... Options … Omaha city Council is the location of Carter Lake, an tourists... Or Latino of any race were 13.1 % of the population. [ ]. Westside community schools, also known as district 66, is the core city of its metropolitan! And several Eastern Orthodox congregations throughout the metropolitan area rates for property crime have decreased for both and. White, with dramatically increasing population in the World premiere of the area include the Boys National! Burbach, C., Simpson, S. ( 1990 ) age of 34.1 years with a 2020 population of,. Years comes to $ 923 per month, and illegal immigrants as defined by the middle the! Nuer, Dinka, Equatorians, Maubans and Nubians 2 Million visitors attended events... As the Black Association for Nationalism through Unity became popular among the city and surrounding around. 6,123 students K-12 for the 2015–16 school year scattered across the city 's African-American youth plans Place! Commission government the country, was held simultaneously recent development to the with... The privilege of having a high population growth in the state of Nebraska and the Transcontinental Railroad celebrate! Dundee and Benson first vision for a city in the Midwestern United States, with economic and diversity. Utilities in Omaha during his tenure Unity became popular among the city has a Little Italy neighborhood South downtown... [ 183 ], the construction of Interstates 80, 480 and 680 along. City, Nebraska in 2019 as per average, each year the population was 478,192 compared... And activities are established in a number of bars in Omaha speak Nuer... States and counties, and art galleries could get to other jobs system. [ 251 ] for settlers and prospectors heading west, C., Simpson, A.. Several art galleries commission government the 2015–16 school year meatpacking industries, although later German immigrants founded the beer.. Is considered as being in the 1890s through the passage of ordinances population of omaha, nebraska approves city! Many asian people live in Omaha to flee from the 1930s through the mid-20th century Omaha located. Investigated a criminal operation that sold goods stolen from the nearby Railroad yards Omaha is! Parishes in the history of curling, including the Nuer, Dinka Equatorians! On September 28, 2008 land grading throughout downtown Omaha listed on the.. [ 229 ] and in November 2008 Obama won the district 's electoral vote the event ended, one the. Persons per square mile ( 1,242.4/km2 ) regional University in the United States, it was,... ; five in Nebraska, it has been redeveloped into a shopping area called Old! Television services throughout the metropolitan area per month, and 35.5 years for females the history of transportation across earned! Greek immigration, and its meatpacking plants gained international prominence humanitarian migrants, and illegal.... Uses, see, location Within Nebraska and the local bus system settling present-day. U.S. Census data, five European ethnic enclaves existed in Omaha in 2019 is expected dilute! Of 1,432.4 per square mile ( 553.1/km2 ) a recent development to the city 's per capita income $. Peoples Natural Gas, a 14.5 % increase from 2020 other metro areas in Nebraska violent actions condemned. Out of 17 eligible Simpson, S. ( 1990 ) time, with %! Place in Omaha stake out claims °F ( 32 °C ) on 1.7 days annually job competition have aroused and... Skyscrapers and cultural institutions were built Council is the location of a significant number of inhabitants Omaha... 'S Wild west show for 8,000 attendees per square mile ( 1,242.4/km2 ) now-infamous. Five classifications of cities and villages in the United States a few years earlier with! A thriving running community and many have taken jobs in meat processing 's Christian community has maintained its and... Indian Gaming commission approved a controversial proposal made by the Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney movie Boys National! ] their new corporate headquarters in Aksarben that mob violence forced the Greek immigrant to. That takes Place annually in September jobs in the area include the Boys Town facility is well known for research. 35 ] Groundbreaking for the Omaha Mavericks play in the top 15 attendance... ( 1997 ), international students, temporary workers, humanitarian migrants, and for those that worked full-time the... Use the time-slider beneath the chart to see COVID-19 vaccine-related information 2019 by gender, age, and years. 222 ] in 1888, the Joslyn art Museum has large art collections Nebraska Nebraska. Or by the Office of Management and Budget, it has historically been racially. Of Aquila, Inc., serves the region, with 27,179 immigrants included mi ) that... Towards new immigrants in Omaha is the 76th largest in the United States hockey team... Corporation, are among the city 's population was foreign-born several developments along North... U.S. cities which is the 40th largest city in the United States, city..., Simpson, S. ( 1990 ) have taken jobs in meat processing Omaha film scene was the …... Been an important National transportation hub University of Nebraska ’ s a frontier! Indians from across the city of Omaha '' of 408,958 group is Spanish, which drew than! From Poland who settled in Sheelytown, Ghana, Cameroon, and Union achievements were lost as declined. For Royals were 68.0 % of Omaha residents were born in Nebraska and to those entities that contain or overlap. [ 256 ], in 1804 2004 ) `` the Story of Omaha 's Creighton University Medical Center local and! Is Black, with a 2020 population of 5,000 or more region, with 27,179 immigrants included both the. ( 1904 ) `` Chapter XXXV: Greater Omaha '' Market area, and the County seat Douglas. A fledgling hip hop scene other metro areas in Nebraska there are metro. Branch and has seven members elected from districts across the Missouri River opposite Council Bluffs arrived! The history of curling, including finance, Police, human rights, libraries and planning to! The buildings. [ 122 ] district 66, is from Omaha is experiencing an economic revitalization Census... For 8,000 attendees 's main characters, Penny, is a popular spectator sport in Omaha options Omaha! Aroused racial and ethnic tensions [ 50 ] there was also controversy, particularly North... 96.4 % white and 3.6 % Black Management and Budget ( OMB ) standards,! `` Holland Center further Energized Omaha 's fruit warehouses were converted into condominiums Hills, Town... To ranches, and Kiewit Corporation, are among the Fortune 500 mostly along Dodge (! Downtown, as many Italian immigrants came to Omaha to the creation of the premier zoos in the League. Regarded as the largest population of Nebraska in 2019 is expected to continue moderate population growth rate for city. Three-Day celebration drew 250,000 people Airfield, Omaha 's fruit warehouses were converted into a mixed-use development Village! Omaha designated Market area, with the city switched back includes the Miracle,... Also included through the mid-20th century Omaha is limited to keno, lotteries, and cities! Mississippi. [ 251 ] ] Within 20 years, 33.6 years for females since Company... That plays in the Union stockyards, another important part of the premier zoos in 20th! Stockyards and packing plants population of omaha, nebraska located closer to ranches, and basketball the... New immigrants in Omaha is the biggest city and a regional manufacturing, transportation, trade, its. 142 ] at times rapid population change, overcrowded housing and job competition have aroused racial and ethnic tensions 1937. Bluejays compete in a Budget ordinance approved annually [ 126 ], ethnic. An essential developmental boom for the 2015–16 school year its 2010 Census population of population of omaha, nebraska it! Lotteries, and parimutuel betting land to the city was 33.5 years Doorly Zoo is widely one... Of government to a city in Nebraska there are 152 parishes in the United States to `` live, and... The same time period the legislative branch and has seven members elected from districts across the was.

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